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Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my blog!
I'm Aqmarina, the (amateur) writer behind this blog.
I like spices and traveling, get it? Spice+Travel= thespicetomytravel boom:)
So, what is The Spice To My Travel is about?
Sharing experiences about places and food, more photos, or random thoughts,
trust me I don't even know, one step at a time and here I am.

“We plan things, but let the journey filling the rest”

☼ Recent Articles ☼

  • Cycling around this island with @kathrynrebecca___ was so fun. Red as a tomato now though, hehe. 
P.S thanks Rebecca for the bomb ass photo
  • We’ve known each other for like what, two months?! Lol I wish I could write everything about how grateful I am having you in my life, as a human who I can count on and actually be there. Thank youu for visiting me and spontaneously changed your flight and route, seriously our spontaneity is defs our vibe lol. ps. you are the eggplant to my vegan pizzaah too! 💗
  • Wish I could teleport and wake up on this tree house tomorrow 🌞
  • Whenever he is around, I’ll probably end up doing stupid stuff, like this one, when he persuaded me to climb a tree and then I got stuck. Despite of all the dumbness, he’ll be that best friend who I can count on at 1am to talk about nonsense while I’m stuck doing essays deadline or just simply ‘yuk mabar kuy lobby’ hehe. Selamat ulang tahun Ndaruu, ngga sabar pengen cepet camping bareng lagi and give you a lot of monkey hugs soon!! 💛🐒
  • Our dynamic friendchips: Rischa ngingetin sesuatu tapi my stopid head malah ngelakuin yg sebaliknya, trus aku sedih, trus dia sleepover ke rumah trus masakin spaghetti cream cheese dan ngedengerin cerita yang ngga bakalan kejadian kalo aku dengerin nasehat dia dari awal😂 peopel keep that friendchips. Anyway, selamaat ulang tahun Rischaa 사랑해❤️
  • About to cover a song but ended up making one. The song is called ‘the sound of colors’ and Rebecca wrote the lyric. So here is a minute of the song/another quality content, jk, and some bloopers which definitely all over the place 😂
  • Showing up at your bestie house be like... this is why I shouldn’t look at the flight sale while stressing out about thesis at the same time lol
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