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Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my blog!
I'm Aqmarina, the (amateur) writer behind this blog.
I like spices and traveling, get it? Spice+Travel= thespicetomytravel boom:)
So, what is The Spice To My Travel is about?
Sharing experiences about places and food, more photos, or random thoughts,
trust me I don't even know, one step at a time and here I am.

“We plan things, but let the journey filling the rest”

☼ Recent Articles ☼

  • You know when the friendship is real when ‘Can I be your bridesmaid?’ ‘oc, but you need to wear complicated Indonesian traditional clothes’ ‘I’m down’😂 Cheers to my beste fween/Ahbiyle right here. Known her for like six weeks but eh feels like six years and that slap was life changing but how dare you lol love you so much ❤️
  • The song that I’ve never got tired of listening for years, the lyric is just beautifully written. Covering “Drift” by Benji Lewis with my good friend @alwan_muhammad_ makasiii bro udah mau minjemin gitar hehe
  • The smallest thing can be bigger than any place it can’t fit. The universe is yours to expand. Happy women’s day to you all, including men. I’d celebrate men’s day too. It’s about empowering, not competing :) 🎉 婦女節快樂 📷: @ndarunurw hehe makasii
  • From us being super dumb and almost got suspended in high school until you have a beautiful family and two tiny humans, woa time flies 愛你❤️
  • Nourished with ideas, morals and values, isn’t mind such a beautiful place? #olddoodle #2017
  • Me looking at my thesis project.. half smiling half crying inside. A milestones tonight, I’ll spend a night at the library for the first time, crying probably 😂 📷: @andyramdani
  • Thought I got her back, but feels like she got my back even more. They said keep your true friends close, well I’m about to keep her so tight that she can hardly breath and drown in the ocean of love. Hueeek so cheesy, but I mean it hehe 🧡
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