The Spice To My Travel

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  • Quality content, jk, we are weird pals. Me and @kathrynrebecca___ covering “Crave you” by Flight Facilities ft. Giselle, bloopers included, laughed too much yesterday 😂
  • Dear Rebecca avoccada, you are just such an awesome and genuine human being! I’m beyond grateful to know you!! Is it too early to call you one of my closest friends bc you clearly have ticked all the boxes
  • I still don’t even know how we went from strangers to close friends in such a short time, it’s weird
  • “Laughing til wE cry. That’s all. Night.” -Kat helping me with a caption. Literally we laughed so much today that we didn’t want the night to end, played board games till the shop closed, still not enough, so we decided to have a sleepover. You guys are the avocado to my vegan nachos!! 💛🌮
  • Have you ever just met people, but it feels like you’ve been friends for so long. Thats the feeling when I met these two beautiful souls. It’s not even a week yet, but we already planning for our next meet up in other country. To top it off their personalities and positive energies are contagious. So funny how we can meet people at unpredictable time. I was feeling so stuck that I had to get out of my room that day, so I joined a last minute free hiking tour and then I met them. It’s just interesting how the universe works. Rebecca from South Africa “shopping for a country to live in” and Lucy from Philippines “wanted to get away from Chinese new year hectic, but found out that Taipei has even more hectic Chinese New Year”. And interesting thing is that both of them are living in Vietnam, and I just visited Vietnam last summer, but never met each other until Taipei. Indeed the world is full of friends waiting to get to know you 💛 (yes, I need to steal that quote/caption from you guys).
  • Kapan waktu yg pas buat nyobain cliff jumping untuk pertama kali? h-3 sidang pendadaran skripsi, karena ketakutan sidang mengalahkan segalanya duh #tb
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