A Day In Taipei For The First-Timers

Do you want to explore Taipei in just one day? Well you come to the right place. In this blogpost, I’m going to show you some of the best landmarks you should visit, as well as Taiwanese food you should try to maximize your Taiwan experience. 

Before we start to the list, let me quickly mention about Taipei Public Transportation. Here, we can basically rely on the public transportation; Taipei Metro/MRT, Public Bus, and Ubike. But you need Taipei Easy Card for the payment (You can buy the One-Day Easy Card at MRT station anywhere). Most of the public transports have English instructions, so don’t worry if you can’t read or speak Mandarin (Click here for further information about Taipei Metro/MRT). But,  most of the places mentioned below are easily accessible with Taipei Metro/MRT. So without further ado, let’s begin with the first list:

1. Try Taiwanese Breakfast!

Taiwan breakfast is a delicacy that you should not miss! There are a vast variety of breakfast menu which is often enjoyed with a warm soy milk (Dou Jiang/豆漿). Here are some breakfast menu you should try:

  • Flat bread (油條/you tiao)
  • Taiwanese egg pancake (蛋餅/dan bing)
  • Sesame flat bread (燒餅/shao bing)
  • Scallion pancake (蔥油餅/chong you bing) 

You can find a lot of breakfast restaurants everywhere in Taipei. However, since it’s traditional food, they usually won’t have English menu, so you need to brave yourself to speak some mandarin (you’ll love the experience of trying to speak mandarin in Taipei, I guarantee :))

Taiwanese Egg Pancake

2. Chiang Kai Sek

Chiang Kai Sek Memorial Hall

The first stop is Chiang Kai Sek. It is a must visit site in Taipei, since you have seen it in most of Taiwanese postcards. Every hour from 9am-5pm you can watch a guards change activity which is quite interesting show in the main hall. If you’re lucky you can find some music or dance performance during a special occasion. Also, don’t forget to check the Chiang Kai Sek Museum and learn some Taiwanese history.

3. Enjoy Mango Shaved Ice For Dessert

Summer sweet delicacy, a bowl of Mango Shaved Ice

Are you a fan of sweet? if yes, then mango shaved ice is for you to try while in Taipei. Like the name, this dessert consists of mango cubes and other summer fruit of choice and topped with condense milk, and shaved ice. This dessert usually come in a big portion so it is perfect to eat with some friends in the summer.

4. Lunch at Taiwan Famous Restaurant Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung is Taiwan delicacy that you should miss, especially when you just want to enjoy Taipei in one day. You can find one of its branches in Taipei 101 food court. The restaurant offer vast majority of Taiwanese favorite cuisines. Also, you don’t have to worry if trying to speak mandarin is not for you, you will surely find English menu at this restaurant. Here are some of my favorite menu in the restaurant:

  • Beef noodle
  • Chicken bun/Xiao Long Bao
  • Noodles with sesame and peanut sauce
  • Taiwanese shrimp fried rice dan fried vegetable
  • Hot steamed chicken soup
The first Din Tai Fung Restaurant

5. Visit Famous Landmark Taipei 101

Visiting Taipei is not enough without coming to Taipei 101, the tallest building on the island. You can visit Taipei 101 observatory at 89th floor if you are interested to see the museum and the architecture design from inside the building, including the mass damper that help the building from earthquake. However to visit to the observatory, you need to pay NT$ 600/US$20 for a single entry.

The view of Taipei 101

6. Sunset at Elephant Mountain

After all the meal from Din Tai Fung, you can enjoy enjoying some sun at parks around 101, like Daan Park.  However if you still keen and have the energy, you should check out another infamous hiking trail to get the beautiful view of Taipei 101 from the nearby hill, Elephant mountain.

Elephant mountain is a well paved trail that are famous for tourist since it gives us a beautiful view of Taipei 101 and the landscape of the city. The hike is approximately around 30 mins from the bottom to the top. Don’t forget to bring sun glasses and drink, especially under Taiwan summer heat. I guarantee the view on the top won’t disappoint you.

7. Visit Taipei Night Market

Taiwan Night Market will give you unique experience of truly Asia atmosphere in my opinion. Right after the sun set, small stalls will crowd famous area or street in Taiwan. There are a lot of night market around Taipei, three of the biggest ones are Shilin Night Market, Ximen Night Market and Raohe Night Market. 

  • Shilin Night Market: Full of tourist, the most famous market of them all.
  • Ximen Night Market: The perfect place if you enjoy shopping as one of the biggest shopping street in Taipei.
  • Raohe Night Market: Taiwanese food junkie spots. Food heaven I would say 🙂
Raohe Night Market which famous for its Taiwanese food

Thank you for reading. I hope this blogpost can help your traveling experience in Taiwan. If you have any question, lemme know in the comment section. I’ll gladly answer and update the blog 💕 Cheers and Happy Traveling!

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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Ga jadi2 mau ke Taipei. Udh lama masukin bucket list , slalu aja kalah Ama trip2 yg lain hahahahah.

    Temenku dulu ada yg kuliah di sana mba, dan dia cerita kulinernya dan wisata2 di Taiwan. Walopun ada 1 menu breakfast yg dia saranin aku blm kebayang rasanya. Kmrn di fotonya kayak cakwe tp dimakan pake susu gitu :D. Hmmnnn, ntahlaaah aku bukan pecinta susu soalnya , jd ga yakin apa bisa suka ato ga..

    Tapi aku ga keberatan nyobain kuliner khas lainnya :). Secara tiap kali traveling kemana aja, aku slalu utamain makanan khas di destinasi tsb.

    Din tai fung di tempat asalnya boleh nih dicoba. kalo di JKT, ini resto Chinese favoritku, apalagi xiao long bao nya enak bangetttt

    1. Mampir dong mbak ke Taipeii~~ apalagi kalau suka jalan-jalan shopping sama kulineran.. banyak night market bertebaran disana.

      Iya aku tau itu cakwe taiwan haha namanya “You tiao” emang hits banget di kalau pas breakfast hunting di taiwan. Jangan lupa makan stinky tofu juga ya, itu tahu busuk khas taiwan 🙈

      Nah makanya, kalau suka din tai fung mesti harus ke restaurant aslinyaa dong 😉👍

      Terima kasih sudah membaca mbak Fanny <3

  2. Padahal rencananya thn ini setelah balik dari Ho Chi Minh, mau hunting tiket ke Taiwan, tapi rencana tinggal rencana, keburu covid 19 menyerang. Jadilah gini mampir di sini dan nonton NatGeo – chasing the sun, guna mewaraskan otak hahah.
    Baiklah, ini bakal jadi referensi buat nanti. 👍😊
    Makasih infonya.

    1. Wah mbak Vindri sayang banget ngga bisa ke Taipei dari HCMC.. padahal direct ticket dari sana ke Taipei itu hemat di kantong 🙈
      Memang ya covid ni biang keladi
      Omo sama mbak, aku kemarin juga Norton NatGeo yang exploring Taiwan haha jadi kangen exploring Taiwan hiks..

      Iya mbak sama-sama, seneng bisa membantu itinerary mbak Vindri untuk exploring Taipei <3

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