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Hello/Salam Kenal/大家好!

My name is  Marina or 馬莉娜 (Ma-Lina), whichever you prefer. I was born in Surakarta, Indonesia. I was formerly  based in  Taipei, Taiwan 台灣 but now I’m based in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

I’m a fan of traveling and taking pictures along the way, including that feeling of waking up in difference places and getting the excitement of talking to other people about their travel stories, or just simply enjoying the moment.

 This blog is a spice mix between “sharing tips, experiences and random thoughts” kind of blog and somewhat a travel journal since I want to write and keep up with the places that I’ve visited, food that I’ve tried, and the people that I’ve met or traveled with along the way.

Anyway,  welcome to my blog where I write about all those things mentioned above (also, about horses sometimes haha), which motivate my lazy/introvert ass to go somewhere new and meet other human beings (and obviously some fluffy horses too). Oh btw, if we have or plan to travel together, just for friendly reminder I would probably mention or write funny moment when we travel together too.

Please don’t hesitate if you want to write me an email for any collaboration, job inquiries, or just as simply as saying hi at 

Email: thespicetomytravel@gmail.com or click here

Instagram: @thespicetomytravel or click here

Thank you for visiting my travel blog (and if you are also leaving a comment on my blogpost, you’ll make my day because I love to hear from my readers too!)  Ah, I appreciate you guys so much  <3

Cheers 🙂

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