Cherry Blossom at Tian Yuan Temple 天元宮 Taiwan

Spring season means Cherry Blossom/Sakura season here in Taiwan. Cherry blossom season usually starts Mid of March. One of the places to see cherry blossom garder is at Tian Yuan Temple (天元宮/Tian Yuan Gong). It is quiet famous in Taiwan to see cherry blossom.  When I heard about the temple, I asked Aika (Hi Aika:)) to go with me. So we went there after we got the news that the cherry blossom in Tian Yuan Gong had fully blossomed.

Where is it and How to get there?

Although Tian Yuan Temple located outside Taipei City, the temple is easily reached by public transport. During cherry blossom season, there will be extra bus bound to the temple. 

  • Take MRT to Tamsui (淡水) Station 
  • Go to the bus station just outside the MRT 
  • Find the bus with special route (Tamsui (淡水) – Tian Yuan Temple (天元宮)
  •  During the Cherry Blossom season, there will be a lot of local tourists at the temple.
  • The bus to the temple will be packed with a lot of people, so make sure to leave early to avoid the crowd.
  • There are not many food stalls around the temple.
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