Exploring Hualien With A Scooter

Taroko National Park is one of Must Visit Destinations in Taiwan, which is famous for its hiking trails and spectacular views of giant granite cliffs and turqoise water. There are several options by which to enjoy Taroko National Park; Car, Public Bus, Scooter, or Hitch-hiking (Yeah, it’s possible. I did it 2 years ago. Haven’t written a blogpost about it, but it’s coming soon).  

Anyway, back to the subject. If you are between decisions about whether to rent a scooter or not?, then the answer is YES!! One the best riding experiences ever.

Last week I had the chance to visit Taroko National Park with my best friend, Rebecca (Hi Rebecca! :)). It was my third time visiting Taroko. On my previous visits, I did not rent a scooter, so I was super exited to finally do it. 

Why should you rent a scooter?

  • Cheaper compared to renting a car.
  • You can explore the national park according to your time and pace.
  • The view along side the road is beautiful. 
  • One of a kind experience. On the Tunnel of Nine Turns, you will ride through the tunnel that was paved from a solid rock.

Where to Rent? How much is it?

If you come to Hualien by train, there are some scooter rentals close by Hualien Train Station. So, Rebecca and I decided to walk around the area, and we found some rental places. Most of the rentals will use Leash Contract in English. The price range for foreigners is around NT$350 – NT$800 (Depends on holiday season). We got a deal of NT$500 since I did not have Taiwanese license. Anyway, we felt pretty happy with the price, so we rented it (I forget the name of the rental place, it was in Chinese). The scooter was in great condition and the gas tank was full as well. So once we signed the contract we went directly to the National Park.


  • When you return the scooter, you need to fill the tank with the same amount petrol as when you rented it on the first day.
  • You need to return the scooter on time. Even if you are late by half an hour, they will charge extra (this is what happened to us oops, hehe).


What to Keep in Mind When Riding a Scooter in Taroko

  • The road to Taroko National Park is wide and a scooter lane is available. However, certain roads in the National Park are narrow and you need to share the road with buses, cars, and pedestrians.
  • If you are doubting your riding skills, I suggest taking other option such as buses or cars. Because you will ride through tunnels and on the edge of cliffs.
  • Make sure that your gas tank is full since there is no gas station in the park.
  • The view along the road is beautiful, but stay focused on the road (hehe).
  • Taiwanese is driving on the left side. There is additional rule for scooters when you want to take a left turn. You may not take turn directly (this applicable mostly in the city, like Hualien City). It is little bit confusing at first, but it is easy once you understand. You can google how to ride a scooter in Taiwan for further understanding.
  • Save yourself from the rain and buy a ponco/raincoat (around NT$40) at 711. The weather in the national Park can be tricky. Sunny in the morning then pouring rain in the afternoon.
  • Take pictures of the scratched part(s) of your scooter when you rent it, so that if the owner asks you about the scooter, you have proves. 

Map of the Road in Taroko

The distance from Hualien City to Taroko National Park is 26 km (It took us around 40 mins). Once you arrive at the National Park, go to the Headquarter office to get the the map. The map is so informative and convenient.

We tried to go to the end of the trail but we did not make it because of the time. It may seem close on the map, but you need more than 1,5  hours from the main gate to Tian Xiang, the end of Taroko National Park. (Well, we stopped so many times actually hehe).

P.S. Besides all of the trails in Taroko National Park, you should visit Qing Shui Cliff on a sunny day pictured below 🙂 (It’s around 20 mins scooter ride).


Hopefully this blogpost can help you guys. If you have any further questions, just drop me your question down below on the comment section, I’d be happy to answer. Happy traveling!! 🙂

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  1. Hello

    do you have the picture of riding the scooter on the edge of the cliff?
    is it safe to ride scooter there?

    1. Yeah, it is safe as long as you follow the speed limit and the regulation 🙂

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