Hiking Taipei Jin mian Shan 金面山

“What’s better thing to do on weekend? Let’s go hiking” we thought on Friday night on MRT back home after Indonesian community meeting. Deciding where to hike, my friends (Hello Mba Nisa, Nisa, and Alik hehe:)) and I came upon Jia Mian Shan since it was close and wasn’t as touristy as the infamous Elephant Mountain during the weekend. We agreed meeting at Xihu MRT station around 9.30 am the following day. The trail is also more challenging compared to Elepahant mountain. In the beginning the path consists of some stairs but in the middle of the trek we will hike through a bunch of boulders and rocks. 

What to prepare?

  • Wear comfortable shoes or sneakers
  • Bring water and snack
  • Hat or Sunglasses (There was no shade on the top of Jin Mian Shan)


Where Is Jin Mian Shan Hiking Trail?

The closest MRT station to Jin Mian Shan is Xihu Station (Brown line). Our meeting point was at Xihu Station exit 1 and we followed google map to the trail head. If you don’t have water or snacks, there are pleanty of convenient stores around.

The Trail

The trail path is perfect if you want to enjoy the nature while still feeling like you are in the city. The more you hike higher, the more city panorama that you can enjoy. There are around 2 hiking rest areas along the way to the top. The entire hike approximately will take you about 2-3 hours depending your pace and how many stops you take. 

The first stop point

On the way up, we met a guy who offered to help us taking our picture at the first stop. He was hiking bare foot, that was interesting. We talked for a bit, until he opened his backpack and told us about his hiking stories and experiences passionately. He has hiked the highest mountain in Taiwan, the Jade mountain (3952 m) several times, not to mention the other high mountains like the second highest Xue Shan (The mountain that I hiked during winter time, and almost got hypothermia), He Huan Shan (3422 m), Dabajian Mountain (3490 m), and more. We were also impressed with the fact that he brought quiet a lot of his photographs with him.

The view from the first stop. Isn't this beautiful?

Here comes the fun part of the hike which includes some small climbing. It was challenging but relatively easy, compared hiking Teapot Mountain. We saw family with kids hiking that day, so don’t worry if you are not good at climbing (like me haha). The trek was fair in difficulty. 

You can see Miramar (The mall with ferris wheel) from here too

After 40 minutes of hiking, we finally reached the peak of Jia Mian Mountain whoop 🙂 If you look to the left, you can see beautiful green hills, and if you see to your right, you can see the city including Taipei 101. And if you look to the front, you can see line between the city and the forest side by side. 

The view from the peak
One of my favorite picture that I took 🙂

After spending almost an hour on the top enjoying the view, talking, and taking a lot of pictures, we hiked back down. On the way, we went to different route (it was not on propose), we realized half way and were to lazy to go to the right route and just went with it. Thankfully we found out that the route was leading us the same entrance but longer route. So, everything went well that day. And since we were so hungry after the hike, we headed to Miramar (the mall with ferris wheel) to get some food.

Thanks to these three (Mba Nisa, Nisa #2, dan Alik) for hiking with me! Such a spontanious plan but what a fun day indeed! Makasii I had a great time hehe, mari kita main atau hiking lagi 😀

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