Hiking Taiwan Teapot Mountain 茶壺山 – Banping Mountain 半平山 Part 1

Teapot Mountain (茶壺山 or Chá Hú Shān) is one of my favorite one-day hike in Taiwan located just north of Taipei in Keelung district. The view is breathing especially once you get to the top. Although to this hike is not as easy as the infamous Elephant mountain in Taipei, the challenge is worth it which includes a lot of stairs (I repeat A LOT of strairs), rope climbing, and dirt trek as well. What’s better is if you hike further Teapot mountain towards Ban Ping Shan Mountain (半平山) your hike will be more challenging (such as 9m rope climbing) and a better view of the Teapot Mountain in your frame (Hiking Teapot-Banping Mountain Part 2 here). 

Before I start, Shout out to my good friend Sami (Hi Sam:)) who introduced me to Teapot Mountain Trail! Thank you!!

How To Get There?

Teapot mountain hiking trail is easy to visit from Taipei both by private car or public transports. I opted to go by Train&Bus from Taipei Main Stations because I want to save time. And on the way back I took bus all the way from Teapot Mountain to Taipei.

  • Take Train from Taipei Main Station (remember Railway not MRT) to Ruifang Station (瑞芳). Check the train schedule HERE 🙂
Upon arriving at the Ruifaing Station, head to West Exit to Jinguashi (金瓜石/Gold Mine Museum)
How to find Ruifang Train Station Bus Stop (You need to walk a bit, it's close)
The bus stop is next to a Police station. You are on the right spot if you see a lot of people with hiking outfit
  •  There are plenty of bus that go to Gold Mine Museum (金瓜石/Jin Gua Shi) : 856,962, 788, 825, and 1062.
    •  Tips: 1062 is not that often, but if you can catch this bus you can directly to the final bus stop (Quanji Temple) instead of the Gold Mine Museum, and ask the locals where is the trail head locatation. It’s closer compared if you go from the Gold Mine Museum bus stop.
    • I have learned that this 1062 bus is from Taipei. So on the way back to Taipei from Teapot Mountain, I tried this bus and dropped off at the Zhong Xiao Fu Xing Station (MRT Brown Line) Exit 2. Although it took a longer time with the traffic, I was so tired from hiking, so it was more confinient. 
  • For the best view: Try to find bus seat on the left side of the bus. The view is pretty all the way up 🙂

Finding The Trail Head

After taking a 20 minutes bus ride, the bus reached to the final stop at the Gold Mine Museum (金瓜石/Jin Gua Shi). I visited the information center, and a lady pointed the direction of the trail, which is a little bit hidden. I thought I was lost for sometime.

there is a small alley next to the toilet, just follow the path
You are on the right trek, if you find this small waterfall
Finally found the trail head 🙂

The Hike

As I previously mention, the hike consists a lot of stairs, so prepare yourself to get sweaty. I stopped several times to catch a breath since it was my first hike after I came back from summer break. The weather was nice althogh a bit humid as usual that day. On the way up, I met a lot of hikers, including family hikers (it’s common in Taiwan, from granparents to grandkids to hike together enjoying weekend). I would say “Ni hao/你好” to them (Taiwanese are friendly, so it would not be awkward). Seeing my desperate hiking face, they often said “Jia You/加油“ which means good luck. 

Don't forget to turn around and enjoy the view, getting better as you hike uphill 🙂
The view of Keelung mountain from Teapot mountain

Additional Tips: 

  • Check the weather forcast in Keelung before hiking to avoit rain and fog (the trail sometimes muddy and slippery after rain)
  •  Bring enough water, especially on a sunny day.
  •  Pack a small lunch/snack for extra energy.
  •  Don’t go there too late! especially if you want to go all the way to Banping Mountain as well. 

Hopefully this blog will help you if you want to hike Teapot Mountain, and if you want to hike further after the teapot mountain (I highly recommend), check part 2 below 🙂

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