Hiking Taiwan Teapot Mountain 茶壺山 – Banping Mountain 半平山 Part 2

This blog is the second part of Hiking Taiwan Teapot Mountain 茶壺山 – Ban Ping Mountain 半平山 (where I took the photo above), check the first part here with the information how to get to Teapot Mountain with public transportation.

After arriving at Teapot Mountain (茶壺山), you have the option to climb into small cave inside the Teapot mountain and continue your hike to Banping Mountain (半平山) hiking trail or just hike to the cave and enjoy the view of green hills and town below the Keelung mountain (and if the sky clear enough, you can also see the top of Taipei 101).

The cave is just a pass way to the other side of the mountain. But because the cave is narrow and small, it can be crowded during the weekend. However it will be such a fun experience and the view on the other side which is also beautiful. So, I recommend to check it. 

Getting into the cave can be quite challenging, but there are ropes on the trail that will help you climbing. Since there is only one entrance, you will see people line up passing the entrance. 

The view on the other side of Teapot mountain

Banping Mountain Trail (半平山)

After passing the cave, I continued my hike to Ban Ping Mountain trail. This was the part when the trek became more challenging and fun. The view was also slightly different. When I hiked the towards the Teapot mountain, the main attraction was the view of the ocean, while hiking on the Ban Ping Mountain Trail, the view was hills surrounding the Banping mountain. 

Overall, the trail is in a good condition. Unlike the trail towards Teapot mountain with stairs, the trail towards Banping mountain is a dirt trek. So, the trek can a muddy and slippery after rain. 

The trail after passing the Teapot mountain
You can see the trail path from this photo

I was lucky enough that the time when I hiked was the silver grass season and the weather was sunny despite it rained the night before. The sound of the wind blew through silver grass accompanied me all the way to Banping mountain. And again, don’t forget to look the view behind you as you hike 🙂

This is the fun part, climbing up 🙂

After hiking the long trek, I came upon the climbing part. It was my second time climbing this cliff, but it looked scarier since I hike alone that day. To be honest, I was waiting for other hikers just to be safe (my fear of height often come suddenly which will end up me being stuck in the middle of climbing lol). Luckily I met other hikers, a hiking group, not long afterwards. We chatted for sometime while catching our breath before climbing up. They asked me with who I was hiking and I told them I hiked alone, they were surpised. At that moment, I told them the truth that I was a bit nervous climbing up by myself. They laughed and said that they would help me climbing up, “加油“ they added.

Don't be fooled with their age, they are stronger than me 🙂
The top of Banping Mountain (半平山)

After that long hike and climb, I finally reached my favorite lunch spot. Although I did not hike to the top of Banping mountain that day (I hiked to the top of the Banping mountain on the previous hike, but I couldn’t find the picture 🙁 but if you want to reach it, just turn right after climbing the cliff. I was too tired at this point, and already happy with my view above :)). I unpack my sushi that I bought at Taipei Main Station and spent about an hour enjoying the view while listening music before hiking back down at around 3 pm.

Overall tips:

  •  Wear proper hiking/training shoes since the trail can be slippery.
  •  Bring a pair of gloves (not a must, but just in case you don’t want get your hands dirty).
  • The trail can get quite muddy after a heavy rain.
  • Mind the sun head on sunny day, bring sunscreen/cap if needed (I saw a couple of people got sunburned).

Hopefully this post can help, feel free to ask or add information that I missed in the comment 🙂

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  1. Great post, so do you just reverse to the way back or is there another part to go down Banping?

    1. Thank you for reading! I went back to the Teapot mountain trail since I wanted to visit Jiufen. I’m not sure whether there is another trail from Banping or not.

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