Mui Ne Fairy Stream, Vietnam

The small town of Mui Ne has gain quiet popularity for backpackers who want to escape the busy fuzz of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. One of the popular attractions in the area is the Fairy Stream (or Suoi Tien in Vietnamese). Well, that is where Mala (Hi again Mal:)) and I went last summer in Mui Ne.

What’s better thing to do under hot sunny day in Mui Ne? Of course walking along the Fairy Stream! Yayy. 

Fairy Stream is not so far from our hostel (Mui Ne Hills Budget Hostel). It took us around 20 minutes to get there. The view from hour motorcycle ride was lovely. However, the entrance is a bit hidden although we did use google map, we still missed it. (If I remember correctly, the entrance is located close to a bridge, there was a small sign leading you towards the parking lot). 

Where is it?

Buying Entrance Ticket

After we parked our motorcycle (fee 10.000 Dong), we had to walk down to the stream towards the locket booth. We were told to walk barefoot through the stream, no flip-flop or sandals (locals told us to leave our flip flop at the parking lot but we preferred to put ours on bags). Several food and drink stalls were around, but only few stall were open when we visit (maybe because it was weekday). 

Arrived at the ticket booth we, we needed to pay 15.000 Dong/Rp.9500 (September 2018). Although it was not a free activity, the place is quiet clean and well maintained with trash cans on the trek. Surprisingly we found almost no trash on the stream so the stream looked more like a chocolate milk. (Susu milo kalau kata Mbak Mala haha)


On the way to the ticket booth
Fairy Stream Tickets

What you will see in the Fairy Stream?

After walking few meters, we found the iconic feature of the Fairy Stream, this unique stone/sand structure formed around the nearby canyon. (Pretty cool natural sculptures). We thought that the pillars were made by ants, in fact the pillars were formed naturally by the water stream running through the crack from the hill above.

Mbak Mala sedang menatap masa depan
The structure is similar of what inside a cave
Small waterfall at the end of the trek

Overall Thoughts

The trek was easy, interesting, and fun even though the heat was on point. Dipping our feet in the mud with cold water running through was relaxing, not to mention with the beautiful view of the canyon, the pillars and the waterfall.
So, here are some tips I gathered:
  • To avoid local tourist, visit Fairy Stream on weekday.
  • Food and drinks small shops and toilet are available 
  • Bring water, sun glasses, and sun screen. (We hardly found shades on the trek).
  • Entrance 15.000 Dong/Person + Parking 10.000 Dong/Motorcycle.
  • The trekking route apporoximately 30 mins (medium pace).
  • There is small waterfall at the end of the trek.
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