Rainbow Village and Animation Lane, Taichung Taiwan

Last week I had a chance to visit Taichung in Central Taiwan. It was such a spontaneous decision, just 2 days before my graduation day. This travel idea came from Rebecca (Hi Rebecca, I know you’ll read this. Thank you!). We packed our bags and went to the train station to catch the night train. We did not book any train ticket in advance since it wasn’t a holiday season. 

How to get to Taichung

Taiwan transport is quiet efficient, so people can rely on the public transportation.  There are several options, either by Bus, Train (TRA) or the Highspeed Train (HSR). Since we did not have enough time (and money hehe) we took the Train. The price range is from NT$ 241 (Around 3,5 hours)  to NT$ 375 (Around 2 hours).

You can check the Train scheduke (here) or just go to the Taipei Main Station and visit the information center to help you with the available options (The staff can speak English). 

Note: Please keep in mind that the train schedule is on time. So it’s better to arrive early to Taipei Main station to avoid long queue getting the train ticket. (We’ve learned from our mistake that 30 mins before deparature is not enough when you haven’t bought the tickets. Right Becs? Haha).

Where to Stay?

The ideal place to stay is around the main area. We chose to stay close to the Night Market because Food is Life. So we decided to book a room at Zhong Hua Night market area. The room with the lowest price that we found was around NT$500 on Booking.com (The average is between NT$500-1300/room).


Animation Lane

Painted Animation Lane is located right in the city. Fortunately, it was just less than 15 minutes walking distance from our hotel. We made a quick stop at the smoothie bar (I recommend trying Taichung best Mango and Avocado pudding smoothies) and went straight to animation lane.

What is interesting about this place is that all of the paintings are hand painted, and you can almost find any old school cartoon.

Rainbow Village

How to get to Rainbow Village

Hopefully this blogpost can help you guys to arrange the trip to Taichung. If you have any further questions, just drop me your question down below on the comment section, I’d be happy to answer. Happy traveling!! 🙂

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