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The “Uncomfortable” Talks

Where should I begin this conversation? Should I even talk about the “uncomfortable talks” here? Maybe this is better to put it on my journal. Well I did it, but still I keep on thinking about it. Maybe I should put it out here.


“Death” is topic that I want to discuss here. How often are you willing to talk when it comes to death related topic? Not so many people are willing to talk about the idea of death. There are judgment and prejudice orbiting this idea. 

If you one of the people that feel uncomfortable with idea and the topic of you can skip this blogpost. I understand because I used to avoid this kind of topic at all cost. It felt “taboo” for me, back then.

The narrative here isn’t my typical cup of tea or even correlate with my travel talks, but hey, let’s travel through mind and soul, shall we?

The aim for this talk is to make ourself to be okay with the uncomfortable talks surrounding death. Don’t get me wrong, I still find to talk about death as such an odd thing myself, especially with friends and family. 

But I believe that if the approach is right, then talking about death can be such an mind opening. That is what drawn my curiosity.


I’m a believer that everything that happen in life is coincidentally on purpose. I think that’s how the universe work. 

Last week was the time when I picked a book that I’d been trying to avoid for years. The fear of attachment towards the book.

I felt like that book wasn’t for me because of the topic that discussed, the story about a dying man who realized that his time will end soon. I wasn’t even ready to put mind on it.

The point is there is something about the unknown that scares me and soothes me at the same time. Maybe it’s the least scary part of death. The fair spot for all the human kind, that we will die and we don’t really know much about the afterlife.

I picked the book from the bookshelf. I didn’t think too much of it when getting the book. I felt like I was drawn to the book, unconsciously I got interested in the book. 


2020 is my personal journey and the turning point of me being okay with the idea of death. Death is inevitable. Death is not in our control. Trying to control death will keep us in the deepest loop. Parting away the happiness in living. But avoiding talking about it will not help either. Sooner or later, we are going to grow old and there will be a time when we will talk about it.

“So, Why not now, when we are younger?”

Why do we have to wait till we are old and grey to start talking to other people about death? 

The uncomfortable topic will help us grow as human right?

Let’s be open with talking about death with our friends, family, and loved ones to remind ourselves and others about the beauty of life. Maybe we can start to live our life more consciously. 

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This Post Has 3 Comments

  1. Hi Aqmarina… Nice to know you here in blogsphere. For me I don’t mind talking about death. My mom and dad also don’t mind talking about death, so do I as their child. And then with my husband it is also totally no problem talking about death. We discussed that I should died first, and then later my husband can die after me hahaha… How come we as humans have a big plan like that. of course not. It is God’s secret.

  2. Aku sih ga menganggab ini taboo utk dibicarakan mba, tapi sebisa mungkin aku avoid Topix begini, at least ini ga pernah muncul dari aku duluan :D.

    Mungkin Krn aku agak trauma pas papa mertua meninggal. 3 tahun lalu. Sebulan sebelum meninggal papa tuh udh semangat nyiapin semua dokumen, rumah, mobil dan semua aset , trus bilang ke mama, “ini impennya di sini yaaaa. Kalo aku ga ada, mama tahu harus cari kemana”. Kita yg denger lgs sebel sbnrnya. Apaan sih pa, ngomong begitu.

    Trus besoknya, eh malah LBH serem, “ma, aku td ke sunan giri. Aku mesen tempat biar nanti kalo papa meninggal bisa 1 liang Ama adek. Mama kalo mau 1 liang Ama kami berdua, harus tunggu 3 tahun yaaa, baru boleh”. Adek ini anaknya mertua yg bungsu, tp meninggal dr kecil. Tapi jujur mama mertua juga sempet marah pas papa ngomong gitu. Dan sebulan kemudian papa pergi.

    3 tahun tepat, mama nyusul..

    Buatku omongan itu kayak doa mba. Aku ga mau sembarang ngucapin. Ga mau asal nyebut momen trakhir lah, Krn aku takut itu beneran jd yg trakhir. Suami juga ga terlalu suka bicara begini. Intinya sih, kita mikir positif ajalah. Ajal itu pasti, tp kan gabusah dibicarain. Yg ptg siapin aja apa yg perlu disiapkan 😀

  3. Sejak menikah, aku dan suami sudah membahas kematian dan segala possibilitynya. Hal ini bikin kami lebih prepare for the worst karena kami sadar ketika salah satu dari kami mati, akan ada efek ke keluarga yg ditinggalkan. Itu gak bisa asal diabaikan. Selain mempersiapkan bekal ke akhirat, bekal ke yg ditinggalkan juga harus ada baik secara jasmani maupun rohani. Aku juga slightly ngobrolin sama orang tuaku ☺️

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