What To Do In Kenting With A Scooter

Located in the southern part of Taiwan, Kenting is not an unfamiliar place for the locals and foreigners who want to enjoy beautiful white sand beaches and Kenting national park. Without further ado, here I gather some tips if you are planning to check out Kenting! (Which I recommended you should).

How To Get To Kenting by Public Transport?

There are no direct transportation to Kenting. The most efficient and cheapest transportation to Kenting is with HSR/Train and then Bus. You need to go to Kaoshiung first then change to Kenting Express Bus at Zuoying Station in Kaoshiung. 

– Take High Speed Rail (HSR) from Taipei Main Station to Zuoying High Speed Rail (HSR) Station in Kaoshiung (Cost around NT$ 1600/ one way).

– Take Train from Taipei Main Station to Zuoying Train Station in Kaoshiung (Cost around NT$800/one way).

Note: Both HSR and Train will stop at Zuoying Station.

At Zuoying HSR station go to Kenting Express Bus Booth at Exit 2 to buy the ticket. It will take time approximately 2 hours- 2 1/2 hours to Kenting. The bus timetable is below. The cost for the bus is less than NT$ 200/one way to Kenting if you have an Easy Card. (So, I recommend that you have your Easy Card to get a discount).

Note: Once you arrive in Kenting area, the bus will stop at several bus stops. So, make sure that you won’t miss your hotel. 


Kenting Express Bus Time table

Accommodation in Kenting

There are a lot of hotels and hostels around Kenting, range from bugdet (around NT$ 400-NT$ 1000)  to mid budget options (around NT$1500- NT$2500).

– The most popular area to stay in Kenting is the area close to the night market (around Da Wan/大灣 beach).

– We stayed at the capsule hotel called Kenting Space Capsule Hotel. Although it’s located close to night market, the hotel has sound-proff system that keeps the noice away. 

– If you fancy a sea view, then there are hotels along the Da Wan Road, which offers sea view balcony.

Kenting Night Market Area

Transportation in Kenting

If you are a fan of riding a scooter like me, you definitely want to experience it here in Kenting. There are 3 modes of transportation for you to explore Kenting.

1. Bicycle: The cheapest option. If you want to enjoy Kenting with a pleanty of time and minimum budget, bicycle is a great option.

2. Electric scooter: You can rent it without having a Taiwanese license. The cheapest rental that we found is NT$ 400 (From 8am-7pm). However, due to its power, most of the electric scooter is fobidden to go to the mountain area of the national park. 


– Luckily, we found an e-scooter that has a bigger power to go to the mountain. It cost us a little bit more expensive, which was NT$600. 

– We rent our e-scooter at 包租婆機車電動車Scooter Rent. The staffs can speak English and they are nice. They told us all about the regulations and the e-scooter in detail. Also, the scooters are in a good condition. 

3. Motorbike: Most of the rental place will ask for a Taiwanese license due to Kenting police department enforecement. But if you are confident enough to ride one, some of the rentals will let you rent it for NT$500/24 hours. 

Some Places I Visited

1. Kenting Recreational Area

2. Da Wan Beach (大灣)

Da Wan Beach/ 大灣
Sunset at Da Wan Beach/大灣

3. 船帆石小沙灘

4. Shadao 砂島

5. The Southernmost Point of Taiwan Monument

6. Long Pan collapse cliff terrain landscape areas

Other Places That Are Also Worth Visiting!

Because we only had a day to spend exploring the area with a scooter, we didn’t go to all the places we wanted to visit. But here are some places you should check out:

– Eluanbi Light House

– South Bay Beach / 南灣 

– Little Bay Beach / 小灣 

– Little Bali /小巴里島岩

– Longzipu Grassland

Hopefully this blogpost can be helpful. If you have any further questions, just drop me your question down below on the comment section, I’d be happy to answer 🙂

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